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The article reminds me of one of my favourite songs- Let her go, by Passenger. It makes me contemplate about the contrast we experience in holding on to things, people, dreams and memories. The author talks about the fast pace of life and says- “In a life that is leaving us behind very quickly, making us irrelevant, we linger and ask everyone to understand the importance of things that were once important to us.” It is in this fast pace of life we often fail to acknowledge simple moments in the present and hold on to memories and things carrying reminiscent of the past. Realising that holding on to memories can have an adverse effect on us and we decide that it is best in our interest to let go of things and value them at economic value rather than emotional value just like the author did when she gave away things which have not been used in a while. My concern was why do we hold on to memories but let go our dreams. “Staring at the bottom of your glass, hoping one day you'll make a dream last, but dreams come slow and they go so fast” – are the lyrics of the song mentioned above which emphasis on holding on to dreams. Although most people work hard to achieve their dreams, more often than not the little dreams- be it visiting a particular place, learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, going for adventure sports, writing a book and the like get lost in the day to day hustle bustle. Holding on to dreams does not come innately just like holding on to memories and we might end up letting go of our dreams. It also happens that we are so busy to catch up with the fast pace of life that we do not hold on to people. Everyone would have had at least one friend we wish we didn’t lose touch with, at least one incident when we wished to be besides someone but couldn’t because of professional commitments or at least once when we fail to spend time with people who matter. These make our relationships slip away gradually and we only realise it when we “let someone go” out of our life. We let emotions take a back seat and get technology to aid us but technology is also partly responsible for the widening gaps in relationships although it brings the world and our loved ones’ closer. Using technology as a proxy for personalised presence has become the norm, but no gift, no connect by Skype or Facetime can replace the personal effort of being with loved ones. The ad by Amazon recently on #DeliverTheLove only reinforces that idea. To me it means not letting go of opportunities to create memories. “Well, you only need the light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow”, so hold on to people and dreams before its time to let it all go away.

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