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Often life throws this question on us “Whether to hold on to or let it go”. This may sound easy, but it takes a lot of courage to let it go specifically when that “it” is a dear memory. We have a habit of keeping things as remembrance of an event. Perhaps that’s why cameras were developed. It helps to lock our special moment as a picture which stays with us forever. However, it’s not just pictures its everything around us which is somehow related to that event, act as an impression of our memory. We tend to clench on to anything or everything which can make us relive that dear memory. Sometimes, amidst this rejoice of memory, we lose track of reality and get stuck with the past. We try to hold on to things and eventually they stop us from moving forward. So, then how should one decide that it’s the time to let go of the memory and it’s the time to embrace the present. As per my opinion we can never let go of any memory, it may become sub-conscious but it always stays with us. Therefore, the fight to hold on to or to let go vanishes the moment we realize that it will always be with us but to let it affect us or not is something we need to decide consciously. As Sarbjeet Ma’am tried to get rid of her memory by letting go of her stuff yet the emotions in her words itself depicts that she still holds all those memory to her heart. We can get rid of things but not memory. Memories are undetachable, things are just to relate. So, when people say get rid of all the things of a person we are trying to forget, they are just trying to remove the superficial causes. The real culprit “memory” will still be present. So, is this means there is no way out, fortunately there is and that is “time & acceptance”. For a bad memory, the healer is the time, with the passing time we come in to acceptance of the wrong that has happened. Our mind instead of lingering to what has happened starts to move towards what can now be done. This is how a bad incident changes in to a great lesson which shows the memory just transforms, it doesn’t vanishes. For a good memory, our mind keeps making us remember those beautiful events to inspire us to move forward and make more of such memories. However, if a person becomes too absorbed and abrupt this natural process he/she can get trapped in to the vicious circle of memory bound. Therefore, acceptance is very important in one’s life. It helps to keep the loving memories a live and aware of the bad ones. It shows the way ahead. It’s surprising to realize that many a times, our actions are being guided by a sub-conscious undetachable memory, because the mind and the heart want to feel the joy all over again.

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