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I completely agree with your views on emotional connection with things and would like to share my views on the same. Very soon I will be moving to Netherlands for further studies and I am worried what will happen to my things when I am away from my home. As a matter of fact there were number of times I have tried to sort out the so called junk, and in all efforts, I failed to differentiate between useful and useless junk. Be it Physics book used in ninth standard or pen stand which I made in fourth standard, all seems close to my heart. The badminton racket, on which my sister had her eyes on and I will shout at her if she even touches it, will be hers now. Will all the shoes in the rack wait till my next visit to India? Or all of them will be given away by my mother? Should I discard the things just because they are old or because I have not used them for quite a while? Is it fair? By this logic should I discard people from my life just because they are old or because I have not talked to them for a few days? No. Never. So why we have to discard these little things which have more emotional feelings attached to us? Life is not at all fair. It puts you in dilemma always, at least in case of non-living things, that you don’t want to disown. Now I am in dilemma WHAT TO LEAVE and WHAT TO TAKE.

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