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As Keats said, “Thing of a beauty is a joy forever”. The blog has rekindled the dilemma which we humans face when making a connection in this strange world. We fail to differentiate between things and people at some point in time. We connect our loved ones with the things they loved. Be it a small barely existing thing like a handkerchief or the room they once occupied. And the thought of parting from these precious items induces a pang of guilt as if we are giving up on that particular memory or that person. Harder it may seem and harder it gets as the time passes by. Instead of dreading the ever increasing pile of collectibles, one should cherish the memories all those items shared with one. These things of beauty may bring back a lot good memories but do we really need them to remember our family? The love, warmth, and bond work in the same way and perhaps are stronger. So, the thing to celebrate is not the materialistic being but the moment it relates to. Beauty lies in complexity of things but nowadays there is an unspoken pressure of creating and capturing or documenting moments to remember. The blog somewhere also made me relook and rethink my connection with things that I call ‘precious’ or the people with whom I hold or should hold every moment precious. In this time and age, when the actual human interaction (especially amongst family members and loved ones) is on an all-time decline and technology has replaced the triggers for all kinds of memories I felt the need to fiercely protect and hold on to my clutter of things. It will be a constant struggle to have honest conversations with self and invest time in the real kind of interaction and collect materials and not just social media posts to revisit the actual moments and memories.

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