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This is an amazing article and I think almost everyone will relate to it. It shows how the writer, at first, didn't hold onto the things of her mother although she did realise that those things had emotions attached to them but then when she moved to Mumbai how she got attached to certain things her husband children bought. It's natural though, to get attached to something on an emotional level because we create our life around such things. And what happens with me most is that if I get attached to something I hold on to it forever. Like I had this friend who was very dear to me when I was a child. We used to send lame jokes to one another on WhatsApp when he left me to be his dad on the other side of the world. Not just joke, we would tell our daily proceedings to each other because we were like family. And now that we have moved on with our lives, we don't talk to each other that often (but we're still friends). We have grown apart in the sense that we're still friends but don't text each other daily. So, this was a surprise to me when I found that I didn't want to lose all the conversation I had with him even after years. Those chats give me flashbacks of how lame we were and how that time of my life helped me cope up with my problems. Now that I have a sort of life, I look back those moments and it gives me the strength to fight another war. I have emotions attached to those chats because my mind used to be at ease when I used to talk to him. I would never want to lose those chats even though "I should" because people think those are lame but I don't think they won't understand what joy those chats give me even now. And I'm glad I'm holding onto that.

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