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Thank you for such a heartfelt article on one of the most common emotional dilemmas that people face. Letting go has never been easier for anybody. Be it friends, family members, parents or even the things you had in your childhood. Those things are not just inanimate, motionless objects. They always have a deeper meaning. They are gateways to our most precious memories. If this isn’t true then why is it that when we sit to clean our rooms, our moms screaming at the back to throw away the things that are not needed anymore, we have one look at piles of books and other stuff we used to have in our childhood and then just sit there for hours, taking everything one by one and reminiscing on the memories that particular thing contains? Sometimes we read those scrap books, which were filled during the last days of our school and when we are done with our journey down the memory lane, it’s almost late evening! Memories are all that we have, always. Obviously, it is difficult to even think of letting them go. It’s like we are throwing away a part of our yesteryears. Yes, letting go is difficult. Difficult but extremely important if we want to move forward in our lives. Memories should bring smiles to our faces, not hold us back from moving forward. And, if a memory or thing is doing just that, then it is time to let go of that thing. May be that’s the reason these days I have started spending more on experiences than on materialistic things. I understand I cannot totally get rid of them but tries to keep it low. Experiences are treasures which you carry in your mind and heart without paying a baggage fee, they are part of us even if we lose everything and stand alone.

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