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A well-written blog. It reminded me of my mother’s struggle to throw away things that has no monetary value but high emotional value to her like our childhood toys, her marriage prop etc. She really cherished the nostalgia associated with those things, eventually infusing similar habit in us. Now, I really like keeping mundane items like old pair of socks or restaurant bills. The pleasure one can have after going through a restaurant bill some 2 years after is quite exciting; the nostalgia of that particular dinner event with your family or loved ones is amazing. The blog quite effortlessly pierces through our emotions making us think about how precious things can be and what kind of happiness they delivers. It is quite common nowadays to take pictures of every life event and store it for further remembrances but the joy that we can have by keeping these simple things physically is unmatchable. It actually triggers the emotional waves in the brain, taking us back to the memories associated with it. All of us face difficulty in moving from a place where we are settled from a long time and while moving we tend to keep some objects to cherish the memories of that place. Often we find teenagers keeping gifts from their loved ones for a long time and then disposing those things after separation to erase of the memories of him/her. It shows the power that a particular object has as it is quite difficult to forget that particular person with that object still there. I believe it is equally important to get rid of the things that are no longer useful, because after sometime, it becomes quite difficult to throw away things, which bears no value in our life still we keep it just for the sake of it. Finally, the author has elegantly placed her views and expressed a subject most of us are going through in our life.

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