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A good blog by Ms. Sarabjeet Natesan, and one through her piece could truly ‘walk along’ the series of emotions and thoughts she transited through. From the maverick obsession to do away with things that were not used for over 3 months; to over time “the regular becoming precious and the precious becoming prized”. Life from a particular perspective; is either ‘making memories’ or ‘reminiscing memories’ with the contrasting melancholy recollections and regrets. Memories by many are stored in the form of things one has used in the past or ones that have been used by loved ones. Things that we hold on to and then cherish, each having their own fond memories. Testimony to such memorabilia are things we notice around a person’s workspace, perhaps gifts for a particular occasion or achievement, which are often kept for years and decades and sometimes throughout one’s career. Homes are of course cached with even more such memorabilia and often rightly so – memories living through each of such fondly held-on-to items. Then, there is the classic means to holding on to memories in the form of photographs and videos. Something that the digital age captures rampantly, even so often frivolously with abandon – thanks to modern age hardware with new versions of gizmos and gadgets on one hand; and the fast ever so easily available, increasing capability to store copious amounts of data. Quickly within the decade moving from megabytes to terabytes and the rampant and increasingly lower cost of data transfer with JIO’s disruption strategy, which turned out to be a game changer which has forced long standing players like Vodaphone and Airtel to out of compulsion offer such data access at a fraction of the costs at which they were charging earlier the populace. This quantum leap of humanity to capture, transfer and store data, has given rise to a new form of malady. That of storing too much and not needing to ever let go or delete what was useful earlier and useless now. Be that all the files in one’s computer that were so critical during a particular week or month, multiple versions of the same excel or powerpoint presentation carefully stored before an important review. Once the purpose of such files is over, they continue to stay on for no reason other than lethary to take the time to go through it and delete unwanted stuff and the all-knowing privilege, that life will go on smoothly if not attended to. On the other hand, the age of photos and videos “unlimited storage” is one more such scenario; where amusingly myriad photos and videos after being taken may not experience the honour, of being seen more than once after reviewing the immediate capture. Often, mindless and frequent capture of selfies for every different background several times a day, every day continue. Something that was seen as being vain, is now the order of the day. Having covered notes on physical memorabilia and digital memories; one of the best and most cherished, often nostalgic and inexpressible are the memories stored in our hearts and in our minds. With the Almighty’s gift to be able to access memories from one’s mind – drawn from events of the previous day, to others from a time long past by of one’s childhood and everything in between. Such are cherished memories, are then often narrated ever so fondly from one person to another, one generation to the next or to the one succeeding it; sometimes by the one who went through that experience, sometimes over generations, decades and even centuries - through word or letter.

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