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A wonderful read exploring the struggle between preserving memories and the effort to lead a clutter free life. As human beings we tend to find it difficult to let go of things. We would rather continue to live the lives we are comfortable with. The future is unpredictable and we find comfort in our set ways and routines. It probably is this need for security and sense of familiarity that we tend to cling to memories and material possessions with any association in a hope to reclaim and relive a part of our old lives. An old photograph, toy, a piece of clothing from our childhood bring back a rush of memories and nostalgia, a feeling unlike any other. Preserving objects due to their association with those we love may provide us a sense of enduring connection with them but it also gets us into a cycle of gathering more than we can manage over the years. I personally find it difficult to let go of things that have any association with a special person, memory, phase of life or a memorable incident and continue to stack up and hoard everything from clothes to books, magazines and mementos from travel. It is also at odds with my desire to lead a clutter free and minimalistic lifestyle. While being completely devoid of emotion and to have no attachments at all will make us less human, I believe it is important to be a little more objective in our quest to find a fine balance between the two.

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