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‘Collect experiences, not things’. Easier said than done and somewhat of a similar dilemma in your article. The many stages and milestones that we go through in our early years and then in our twenties, thirties and beyond can be seemingly complex. Our experiences and handling of situations at different life stages shape us into problem solvers the way it suits us. Some of us do this with ease, with panache and do not really introspect when we are younger. As we collect more experiences, and hopefully become wiser over the years, we would like to believe that we can or would have dealt with those same situations better. Our interaction with people too changes with time. We seek to be closer with family and have a limited but a closer friends’ circle as we get older. And then there are those life altering situations. A situation like what you have mentioned- the loss of a loved one, imbues within us a coping mechanism that we never knew existed. It is unique to each of us as to how to tide through tough times and has to be dealt with alone. Life altering situations however need not always be pathos evoking. They can be positive too and challenging; an opportunity which is exciting, unexpected and unpredictable. Relocation to a new country on a new assignment for instance. It might be prudent to handle positive or negative situations with patience and perseverance and grow into it or grow out of it. Whatever works! Give it time, give it your best and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have to mope, mope till you get over it. If you have to explore something new, take your time but do it. ‘Time heals everything’. Again, easier said than done.

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