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Thanks for wording the explanation of the Gayatri Mantra, “May the Lord brighten our minds …. our lives”. Interestingly, I see desire on both sides, god’s desire to cause peace in humanity and human desire expecting realisation of gods wish for him. Alas, the two never meet. Desire for peace with life and expectations remain in the head, never realised, while the body burns all it has, to somehow get to the post. Not to mention the friends n foes, dear n detested that make it more too loaded for one man to carry in one life. Insecurity in life of being someone, studies, health bring in undesired confusion and subjectivity. There is no escape from the tides of living. The race to material begins from the first breath and lasts till the last. The definition of happiness, intelligence, clarity and objectivity change with the face of events, desires, results and expectations of one’s own self or with that of who influence it. I accord Gayatri Mantra its highest religious regard as the cardinal wish for humanity by the God, but when we see through the scope of reality, the wish of gods seems not to be coming true in any time to come. Perpetual conflicts of interests, bear a higher influence on our thoughts and acts. Choices that should be intelligent and well thought get governed not by mind but by manipulation. Cleverly objectivity serves rewards. It is said that the Gaytari Mantra holds powers to change, though it is an expression of wish. I see it in the current perspective of the worldly existence as “reciting Gayatari Mantra may not be a grant to pass through havens doors, but if you don’t, you could still keep away from hell”. Unless, we are personally, morally, humanly and socially incorrect in our acts and thoughts, I think life is worth carrying on with, with whatever else we do. My parents want me to succeed, I want to succeed, what looms over is the insecurity, and is the genesis of every thought, decision and act. I believe in “Win what you can in the perimeter of personally, morally, humanly and socially correct thoughts and acts”, and there shall be no harm to you or anyone. Live life full with no other thought over living in the perimeter of correctness. The Gayatri Mantra shall come about true and remain no more a wish.

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