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The Gayatri Mantra reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother had taught me the mantra and I used to recite it every day. Today I remember the verses but the meaning is blurred in front of me. I would like to thank Professor Surya for this enlightening article and teaching me the meaning of the mantra that is practical and applicable in today’s times. The article very beautifully defines who the lord is. It says lord can exist in two forms- Nature and the one chosen by you. The one chosen by you is a part of you who you aspire to become and pray for its existence. We always pray for material desires such as money, house, good job, or immaterial such as power, fame etc. There are many superstitions associated with prayers such as whisper your wish in the ears of mouse in Ganesh temple, do not share your wish with anyone till it comes true etc. I can recall from childhood when elders used to teach children to ask for something while praying such as good marks in exams, good health. As I grew up and knew that I can ask for only thing at one time, I had to ask for many things in such a way that it encompassed all my wishes. It always ended me in confusion about what to ask for and then I used to ask for strength to fight all odds and achieve whatever I want on my own. Through this article, professor puts his opinion very strikingly that we should always ask for clarity of thought. This clarity of thought will help us in taking important decisions in life. I would like to quote professor, “Life is nothing but a series of decisions”. I could really connect with this statement and when I look at my life with this perspective, it gives me the power that I can control the course of my life and take it in the direction I want. The article says “the most worshipful is the one who is free of ignorance and thus is all knowing” and this we pray to the one who we aspire to become. We pray to the Sun, who burns darkness and sets our minds in proper directions. Sometimes I doubt the importance of prayer and wonder, does it really help? I read an article that said prayers help you in realizing your aspirations and prepare you mentally to achieve them. It helps you to decide which decision is more important to you at this point of time and thus it validates the point of Professor Surya that prayers help us in taking the best decisions. I would once again like to congratulate you Professor for this wonderful article and helping me rebuild my faith on the importance of prayers and how it can help me decide the course of my life.

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