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Dear Prof. Vijay Sampath Before I express my views, I would like to really appreciate you for taking out time and effort to write on a subject which is often mocked by people in today’s society. Depression is synonymous to mental illness and madness in today’s world. People still go to ‘Fakirs, Hakims and Babas’ to get it treated. Few people think that the depressed person is not actually depressed but is either too arrogant or is craving for attention. According to a study by ‘Pediatrics’, there has been an increase in numbers of teens having a major depressive episode from 8.7% in 2005 to 11.4% in 2014. The percentage is increasing further. With much of life revolving around social media on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, the need to get validation has increased than ever before. The trend to upload a picture whenever you go out, whenever you dress, whenever you shop etc. has become a major reason for depression. It sows the seed of unnecessary wants in the minds of people who were once completely happy with their life. Now, these people also want to do the same things and prove to the world that they are no less. Often, the inability to look pretty, shop, vacation and being with friends all the time brings them in a state of unhappiness. When this unhappiness last for a long period of time, it results in dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction if not handled leads to confidence erosion and hence, depression. The need to be okay and accept the way one is has become utmost important. I thank you sir for making me aware about The Kubler Ross curve. The need to succeed and be known by people is overhyped. The rat race is no more a rat race. The cats, dogs and everybody else is forced to take part. One is often considered aimless and stupid if he/ she don’t run behind the things mentioned above. The result is everybody wants to be at the top and everybody wants to be famous. How is that even practically possible? A leader can be a leader only if there are some followers, a person can be at top only if there are some people below him. The false notion to find happiness in the superficial things such as money and recognition has taken a toll. People have forgotten about their needs and have moved ahead where the wants are never satisfying. They have made their wants their need. Their life revolves around these so called needs. It is high time we start acknowledging who we are and start taking pride in it. Depression can be put to an end only when we start embracing each other and take off our superficial masks. It is high time we stop thinking about ourselves as above others. Everybody is on the same level here. Somebody has some talent, somebody has some other. A person is to be defined by the content of the character and not by the beauty of the body. Depression is not an ailment, it is a situation. A situation that can be easily dealt with the required support.

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