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Thank You, Vijay sir, for the wonderful article. Depression is becoming one of the most important issues that the Indian youth is facing today. Volatility and the uncertainty in today’s world is one of the major reasons for increasing stress level in today’s youth. I think that along with the volatility and the uncertainty of the VUCA world the change in lifestyle is also a major factor for increasing stress levels in the Indian youth. In the past decade, the Indian youth is trying to move to the western lifestyle. By doing so our eating habits have been changed greatly. The intake of the fast food has grown by epic promotions. It is said that a healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. Thus, as the people are moving towards an unhealthy lifestyle their mind is being affected. The family structure of the Indian families has changed quite a bit in the last 2 decades. From being a single large family we are moving towards nuclear families. This is especially true for the people that are working in the metro cities. As the families have become smaller and the jobs of the people are becoming more and more time demanding people aren’t able to give sufficient time to their families. This has led to developing of an emotional gap between the family members. Due to this, the emotional need of the individual doesn’t get fulfilled. Thus, the individual isn’t able to share his problems and they keep piling up leading to increased stress levels. Another reason for the increase in stress levels has been the change in the sleep pattern. A good and sound sleep is needed to reset the neurons in the brain so that when we wake up again we can think again properly. As the organizations are becoming global, people have to adjust their work timings so as to coordinate with the people around the world. This has led to the sleeping pattern becoming quite erratic. Due to the disturbance in the sleep pattern people are not able to get sound sleep, thus the stress of the past days keeps accumulating finally leading to depression. The Kubler-Ross model discussed is the blog can help in identifying the depression by helping the individual to keep prepared for the changes. But the biggest problem that still remains is moving from identifying the depression to actually accepting it. Most people still don’t realize that depression is a kind of illness and they need to come out it. Unless this denial phase ends people won’t be able to come out of the depression. Thus, to keep yourself ready for the change is a good solution but before that people need to understand that depression is an illness and a serious one at that. Only then the Kubler-Ross model would prove to be useful.

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