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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Sir! This was quite a fascinating read. Change is indeed one of key inducers of stress in today’s world. Changing lifestyles, work pressures, career driven lives and highly competitive work/study environments are all contributing to increased stress and damaging the mental health and well-being of individuals. However, one major driver of stress that could potentially lead to depression is “loneliness”. Our world is becoming increasingly connected by the various ever growing social media channels, but this increase has been accompanied by a growing number of cases of depression and anxiety. It is quite ironical that people feel “disconnected” in a world that is always “On-line”. Maybe the reason for this is that our brains are constantly “On-Line” but our hearts are “Off-line”. We spend more time reacting to the pictures of “Best-Burger-I-ever-had” and “Checked-into-Disney-land–with-3-others” than we do reacting to the hardships of those around us. Human element of interactions and conversations is missing and it has aggravated the issues even more. Most families are now nuclear families and disconnect between parents and children is on rise. People find it difficult to have open conversations and express their true emotions. All this has led to an Existential crisis where people find it difficult to see a purpose or meaning to human existence. We are becoming more productive and efficient but at what cost? The entire endeavour of working hard and earning money has lost its bigger purpose. “Why are we doing this?” or “For whom are we doing this?” are old but very important questions. We all need motivation to do things at different points in life and disconnected lonely lives are essentially devoid of this motivation. In extreme cases, this loneliness driven crisis could then lead an individual to buy the philosophy of “Nihilism”. The oxford dictionary describes Nihilism as “The rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless”. To put it straight, it is when a person can’t decide if he should have coffee or kill himself (Source: Knappily). Thus, loneliness is causing us to lose the meaning of life and causing an existential crisis or, in worse cases, making us nihilists. Social media has indeed created a warm safe bubble where it seems like everything and everyone is safe and happy and is living their dreams. The reality is however too far from this “Most liked” picture. Human life is difficult and we are fighting two parallel wars here. One where we fight our problems (External) and one where we force ourselves to paint a rosy picture (Internal) which is far from the truth. It is important that we rejuvenate our relationships, be more empathetic towards people and bring the human element back to our conversations. We need relationships that can bring us back from our existential crisis and give us a reason to push ahead in our work lives as well. I will conclude with a quote by Morty (Rick and Morty, TV series): “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We are all going to die. Come watch TV?”

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