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This article by Prof. Vijay Sampath is one of the most relevant topics to discuss and debate in today’s world, the reason being the large number of people that are going through this cycle as explained by the Kubler-Ross model. Looking at the student population in today’s world a vast majority of students at some point or the other in their life would have gone through this by themselves. This cycle of depression is so well masked by the host of the problems that it becomes near impossible for the people who are around him to identify and even they do in most cases it becomes too late for any cure to be suggested. In this article it has been beautifully mentioned that stress is the prime cause for inducing depression in today’s world. Although my viewpoint also lines itself in a similar direction I believe that stress alone is not a factor in this cycle, apart from the stress from the work environment, performance or peers, it also includes responsibilities from family members, the expectations that other people hold on you be it your friends or family. All these factors keep the people in the constant loop of self-pity and not realizing their own true potential. The harshness in this is the fact that there is nobody around who is there to help people come out of this cycle and there is a huge stigma attached in the society towards people who seek professional help in such matters. The VUCA world and how people are unprepared, unaware and untutored to cope up with change is yet another major reason for people being sucked into the depression cycle. I feel that the reason for people being not ready to face the issues of the world should be attributed to the elementary flaws in the education system. The education system is so restrictive in nature that any harsh comment or punishment that is issued by the teacher has become a punishable offense. Every time a teacher used to punish us in our school as a kid it was surrounded by a sense of protecting us and preparing us for the real world, but when society does the same there isn’t any protective element in it and then people will not be able to cope with the harshness of the situation. One point I felt that played a much bigger role that that of career trauma situation is that people todays are overly influenced by what others perceive them as rather than what they think about themselves. Various social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter add onto this. Recently I came across a colleague who was doubting his own abilities and worth, all because of a post on Facebook which conveyed someone else’s view of him. Exactly like sir had mentioned I too believe that dealing with such situations should now be taught to people either through institutions or by leaders themselves.

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