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Sir, it’s a very Insightful and relevant article. In the current competitive world one of the main thing we have to take care is about our mental health. It is as important as our physical health. Stress is a common disorder in humans that arises due to mental pressure. Stress and Depression, both are very much interconnected. Stress is one of the main reason which leads to depression. There are many things which leads to depression. In the fast moving world changes are inevitable. We have to be aware that change happens and the most important thing is to accept the change. There can be professional as well as personal changes. We have understand the situation and act accordingly. We all have certain future expectation. If the changes are not according to our expectation we often find difficulty in adapting to the change. The Kubler Ross model describe how acceptance of change happens in five stages. Of these stages the important one is how quickly you can move on. Only if you challenge yourself to face tough situation and move forward then only you can compete with the changing world. India is one of the country which is having highest suicide rate for youth. And of this a major cause is depression. The excessive expectation and unrealistic goals is leading them to this situation. It is important to create awareness among the youth and help them how to handle pressure and failures. Depression is something which can happen to anyone. It is something which has to be treated. Always be willing to seek help and also to help others whenever needed. . The most important thing is always having a positive mind, involve yourself to changes and to locate yourself in the new scenario.

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