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An informative article on stress, depression and related concerns in today’s dynamic and uncertain world OR as it is termed – VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). The article starts with issues that lead to stress and depression at personal level, moves on to the ill effects of unprecedented changes at Global level and then delves deeper in to the “Kubler-Ross change curve model” – explaining various stages of depression. It often takes a while for us to adjust to a new house, to feel home in a new country or to make friends in a classroom full of strangers. These are minor changes in life and most of the times we plan and prepare ahead of time. Come think of it, what if there was a bigger, unexpected, irrevocable rather unwanted change. Under such circumstances our world topples on both personal and professional fronts. But, our preparedness and reaction to such inevitable changes define our ability to avoid or beat depression and overcome the situation faster. Easier said than done, isn’t it? Kubler and Ross model so aptly describes 5 stages of coping with changes. It is not necessary that all the stages are applicable to everyone in the same format. What is important is creating awareness among the people. Awareness of seeking medical help for mental wellbeing when needed, so that one can bounce back stronger than the earlier version of oneself. The model can also be applied by leadership of organizations while bringing in impending changes in to organizations/teams and teach people on coping with the changes. Apart from what the author has described, I would also like to add that we as parents should make an informed attempt to bring up emotionally strong next generation. We need to ensure that the future generation does not succumb to the pressure of growing and unreasonable demands of social media. Create awareness among the younger generation on what is important and what is not and when in trouble it is OK or rather necessary to talk to people and seek help and that there is always a next chance after every failure.

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