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Yes, very right – this is a timely article. Stress induced depression has taken an epidemic proportion. The advertisements run on prime time television channel to help one coming out of depression is a testimony to the deep rooted evil. Stress – it’s wide spread. Starting from school to perform well, to become number one in every endeavor is taking its toll on the young minds. The pressure from the family, the obvious competition with the friends making one’s life lonely day by day. Whether, the young star is capable of taking that stress is a matter not to be ignored. The family is the biggest strength in this hour but is they there? In many circumstances the answer is a big NO. We start comparing our child with the neighbourhood good boy or the close family friend’s daughter who has performed exemplarily well in all spheres including co-curricular. There is this fare share of pressure from the social media where everything seems possible. Come to work life environment in the corporate world – this is far murkier than one can imagine. I have this friend who in a very short career became team lead in one of India’s largest software farm. His works were appreciated and there was no reason to feel depressed. But there was! If you are so good then why are you continuing with this company? You try to move on to company X, can you do it? That’s stress from peer who is probably envy at his success or may be eying the position he is in. He did not have anyone to share his feelings, parents were away and he was yet to have his own family as well. The end result - lot of meditation, feeling demotivated to work purely due to peer pressure, resulting in irregularity at workplace and one fine day he had to leave his job. Now, he is leading the life of a vagabond, a promising career is cut short. This is not one example, there will be plenty. How to come out of this? At young age the parents, the teachers should look for sudden behavioral change, the company he or she keeps or there is no one at all. At work life one should have at least a few friends if not from within the organization may be from others, a childhood one, a course mate. Here, social media can have a positive impact, one should look for friends with similar ideology and thoughts where one can share their common hobby and pursue it. The fight has to come from within, the fight not to fall in any trap, stay focused, have someone to share your feelings.

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