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Today’s world continuously changing, it’s continuously moving and our generation need to accept this change and move accordingly. We have self-set expectations for our family, kids, friends & business. Sometimes we try hard to achieve those set goals but not necessary we will meet those goals every time in life. This leads to stress in our life which can be for short period of time, but in few cases it may prolong for longer span which could lead to depression in our life. Depression I believe is mental blockage which not only reduces your working efficiency but also reduces motivation, enthusiasm and you are always low on energy. It’s like a morass, more you get deep into more it is difficult to come out of. Not necessary that every time common man see symptoms of stress and depression, this can be witnessed in successful people’s life as well. Best examples here could be celebrities like Rajesh Khanna or Vinod Khanna who indeed were successful in their career but at later stage went into depression. Insecurity can be a cause in such cases, whether it is maintaining name, fame and stardom status or insecurity on family or personal front. Surprisingly one out of every two employees in corporate India shows signs of anxiety and depression. Prolonged ongoing stress due to personal and work contexts was identified as trigger for mental illness. One of study shown that 42.5% employees shows signs of stress and depression because of demanding schedules, high-stress levels, and performance-linked perquisites in private sectors. So this supports the statement of VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) which leads to stress and depression. What is important is learning to cope up with change which can help beating stress and depression. That’s what Kubler –Ross change curve suggests, faster you respond to change, faster you moves on beating depressions in life. Important is to make people aware of this situation and its possible consequences and help them know how to cope up with it.

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