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Indeed very insightful article, which bring reality of today’s life crisis on surface. In fact, I strongly believe that life has become race from childhood itself. Starting from childhood, the expectation from parents that “My child should be master of all “cause the stress form childhood itself &the child cannot live his childhood life & become a part of rat race. There are instances registered, where child faces the stress & falls in to depression, which is ignored or not noticed. Another example kids face similar dilemma when they see others with kids playing with new age gadgets, wearing branded clothes, and travelling to foreign destination for vacations. In the young age (25 to 35), I feel there is dual pressure causes tremendous stress. One Social & Professional. Social stress is mainly for status in the society and better family life style. This is linked with again professional life, since a person wants to become successful at young age & becomes too ambitious. He takes some times unnecessary risks & fall into financial stress. In professional life – It is all about become successful person & attaining leadership position too early (Highly ambitious person). I fully agree with author regarding his views about VUCA world. Any unexpected change brings Volatility, Uncertainty, and Complexity & Ambiguity in the life of human being. So either person falls in to trap of VUCA world, if he / she takes uncalculated risk in the professional life or he/ she delay the change, which also cause a different kind of stress & sometimes loose the opportunity. At this moment, I would like to share my personal experience regarding delaying the change in my professional life mainly because of different priorities of family & experienced the all five stages of Kubler-Ross’ model, as described in the blog. Fortunately, with help of mentor & timely counselling, I could come out from the phase quickly. I accepted the change for attaining higher position and at the moment I am enjoying last stage “moving on” Someone may say “Depression is threat to society “ My question is can we afford to be remain mediocre in this competitive age? Answer is No as per my view. However there are ways & means to manage the stress through Yoga / Pranayama & other therapy. The need is to create awareness regarding depression is a disease. Since many people do not accept this & fall in to irreversible situation in life. My brother is doctor & practice the psychotherapy & I have learned so many such instances through him. Timely action helps avoid such situation at any age in life & hep attaining the last stage of Kubler- Ross model. This is what our leaders need to learn and develop – this is not intellectual (IQ), & emotional (EQ) and it is not task oriented, it is often people oriented. To come over this, we need leaders with high levels of self-actualization. I would appreciate you for the noble thought of bringing this issue in front of common people and guiding a way to handle the unexpected changes that occur in life. THANK YOU!!!!

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