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This is a very import topic which needs attention. Educating the communities on Stress induced depression will be important in times to come. World health organization reports that over 300 million people suffer from depression. It is also said that depression is major cause of disabilities & diseases. I have witnessed stress induced depression very closely, when a friend of mine was going through bad marriage. I could very well map the behavior I noticed with the “Kubler- Ross change curve”. The stage between denial & Anger was the most difficult time for every one of us, who were closely associated. We could see her venting hate on every possible person or object. The stage between bargaining & depression was once again difficult. The energy that was put to save the relation was tremendous denying reality, like a dying person struggling to live a moment longer. Finally when she gave up, she fell into a state of depression even attempting suicide. Probably the worst stag of stress & can lead to suicides. One of the most common and only cause of suicides in the recent times.

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