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Here come the winds of change, swift and strange, to pick your brain and sometimes to drive you insane. They say change is the only constant but seldom do they mention the price to be paid to maintain your significance with it and that’s what drives us crazy. We are in a sea of information and our visibility to what’s happening around is unlimited, thanks to social media and mobility. So the struggle truly boils down to what to absorb and what to leave, what’s significant and what’s not. And boy does it kick in your well suppressed insecurities! Now you are afraid that you will be redundant if you don’t change and at the same time you can’t cope with it. The adage- Too much of anything is bad – was never truer than it is today. Look around us. Actually, you don’t have to. Just take a look at that small hardware in your pocket- yes I am talking about your smart phone. It is a significant cause of our misery. The incessant desire to make your presence felt on social media is driving us insane. Suddenly you start comparing your life, achievements, and friends with others which causes serious stress and anxiety and can very well lead to depression. Apart from all this there are changes in politics, nations, cultures, work places, life styles, technology and the list goes on. Well, as the author mentioned that some of us are lucky who can shake of the dust of anxiety and stress induced by change but some of us are not that strong. So what do we do about them because we surely can’t stop the world from changing? We need to identify those souls who are suffering and be observant at our homes and workplaces. Because you never know if it is your kid or your friend or your colleague who needs a pat on the back and an assurance that things will be just fine.

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