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I must say this is an insightful article and capable enough to generate a series of concern and thoughts about the threat of depression in this everchanging world. As rightly said, today’s world is VUCA world and each and every one is affected because of sudden changes. Author talked about the changes in corporate world and is taking a toll on personal front and pushing the person into state of depression which in some cases provoke suicidal tendencies. We can easily wider the horizon and see that not even working population but the old, kids and housewives are also equally susceptible to it. For example kids face similar dilemma when they see others with kids playing with new age gadgets, wearing branded clothes, and travelling to foreign destination for vacations. Similarly elderly people who are not able to adjust themselves with this changing world face challenge to maintain a relationships with their grandchildren and sometimes even with their children. The situation now has become critical and there is dire need to tackle the issue and help people understand that although it is good to stay in pace with the changes but is not the only thing which defines them. We have to help them understand that if they cannot accept the change it is perfectly okay to move on and the objective can be obtained by making them aware of the depression- its effects and causes- and providing adequate support, love and care.

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