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Whether I am a pro Gandhi or anti Gandhi is a second thing , but let's consider a second perspective of thinking. It is right that Godse killed Gandhi, but are we sure that it was due to pure fundamentalism and hate against Gandhi? I think no, as there are enough reasons just to give Godse a benefit of doubt, just as we consider "Not guilty" for boy in "12 angry men" movie. Here I am not defending killing of Gandhi, but I am defending thought process that Godse was a fundamentalist and had non-well balanced thinking, when we are not considering and acknowledging facts. Just consider below points keeping aside GANDHI-GODSE thoughts: 1. A person has read histories of different countries (He would be aware of situations of his country & consequences of actions of current leadership of his country). 2. A person who has violated Manusmruti rules of 4 VARNAs, and considered all 4 castes people as equal & took dinner with Harijans (He would be a person loving socialization, equality and went against rules of his own religion). 3. A person who has studied the tenets of Socialism and Marxism, which preaches more for socialism,equality & rights of people (He would have a fair enough understanding of politics) Considering above 3 things,we can tell that a person will be having a thought process, mostly constructive one rather than negative thought process. Above were attributes related to Godse. There should be some change in thoughts of Godse which led to shooting despite him being an open person. Court has already gone through the legal process as per law and served judgement in 1949. But finally, let people decide on Godse after giving them sufficient data & facts. Please consider some of the examples where court had given a judgement , but still these figures are in positive memories of people . 1. Sanjay Dutt & Salman Khan-sent to jail by COURT , still believed innocent publically When we justify goodness of above two figures, it is due to give equal rational thinking when discussing Godse. Considering severity of crime, Godse has done more severe crime compared to these two figures, for which he was sentenced to death. Regarding Mahatma's shooting , it was a wrong decision & mis calculated step and things would have been better if matter was sorted out through discussion rather than taking such an extreme step as told in above BLOG. Gandhiji is & will be a light-house for our future generations, whether it is politics, environment protection, people empowerment,social cause or education. Thought of Gandhiji have cemented after independence & stood true against all odds. Basis of this article is that it is not necessary that only fundamentalists will go for such crime, even a well learned man can do this. I rest my pen here with thought that whatever has been done, let’s learn from history itself so that no more Godse are produced .

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