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Thank you, ma’am, for writing this amazing article. This article can make any person think of how in today’s world we suppress the ideological differences. People are raised under different circumstances and with different perspectives. We all learn a variety of information and choose to formulate our ideas in different ways. Every person has the freedom to follow his/her opinions and to express them. Harmony lies when you respect each other’s thoughts. But the moment you start believing that your beliefs are superior to others and all the people should follow only your ideology, you start hating the people who oppose your ideas. You have rightly said that due to this hatred and anger, people are not able to see the pros of the other’s ideas. They don’t bother to analyze the other people’s views. They become such a staunch follower of their own ideology that they don’t think of questioning it at any point. They lose their reasoning ability and try to enforce their own beliefs on people. Pope Francis defined it as ideological colonization. They try to colonize people with ideas that try to change their mentalities and structure. I think the assassination of Mahatma was an extreme manifestation of this hatred. Nathuram Godse was a follower of RSS ideology which mainly believes in the use of physical power to get something. Whereas Gandhiji has spent his whole life supporting non-violence. This idea of non-violence was becoming popular all over the world. Due to this, the activist started feeling insecure. The way Gandhiji has carried out the freedom movement, was not acceptable to them because according to them, we have lost so many people due to the non-violence. For them, non-violence was being taken as our weakness. If you think in the same way, Gandhi Ji was also loyal to his ideologies. He also used to tell people to follow the path of non-violence. But the difference was that he was not completely bounded by his thoughts. Whenever He came across divergent philosophies, he did detail research on that and only after examining all the pros and cons, he used to accept or reject that philosophy. Also, the preaching of non-violence was not forceful. People followed his path because they saw the power of it. The situation is no different today. Such differences in beliefs exist in communities at each point in time. Some incidents in the country in last year started a buzz of intolerance. People were afraid to express their opinions freely because of some fundamentalist groups which were criticizing each and every sentence by famous personalities. Some reporters were murdered. The Assassination of Narendra Dabholkar for his work to eradicate superstition was killing of another Gandhi. These things will only stop when we will try not to show the superiority of our beliefs and respect views of all the people.

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