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Who killed Gandhi? Was it only a single person who fired that bullet at him? No, it is always one ideology tends to kill believer of opposite ideology. Definitely, the killing of Gandhi was the rise of Gandhian ideology but did opposite ideology vanished? No, in fact, it has become stronger today. The killing of believers of opposite ideology has become more common nowadays. Great reformist like Buddha and Raja Ram Manohar Roy had a huge difference in their beliefs compared to that of the societies at that time but they were able to drive through change. If Buddha reborn today, I doubt about his security in this intolerant society. Why is India becoming more intolerant? It is because fundamentalism is now entangled with a trap of tribalism. Fundamentalism makes person crippled in identifying a difference between ‘metaphysical facts’ (principles of nature) and ‘man made facts’ (principles promoted by human beings as metaphysical without having solid foundation). Tribalism makes him prioritize selfless service to the group above his own moral significance and he becomes a blind follower of an ideology of the group. Tribalism helps in thriving fundamentalist mindsets in society. The spread of terrorist organizations is also a result of this combination. How can we solve this problem? We as a society are at fault if we are not able to make a small child grow as a rational human being. We need to look back at how our value and the educational system works. According to Gandhi, Real education does not about cramming of facts and numbers, nor it lies in passing a test with maximum marks and reading a lot of books but real education is about developing a real character. It is not only about reforming education system but also providing an inclusive environment to those who actually became a prey of fundamentalism. Gandhi has always proposed that hate sin, not the sinner. Our method of working out a solution for the problem seems non-conformist to the ideology of Gandhi. Infants always inherent qualities of their parents but Environment does play an important role then. Do we provide an apt environment to get rid of sinner ideology? The killing of Gandhian philosophy will be more disastrous than the killing of Gandhi as a person.

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