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We forgot to pay attention on one dialogue of the movie PK, when pk collects the photos of Gandhi Ji for surviving. But when he got carrot only by giving the 50 ₹ note, not on any other photo of Gandhi ji, he said “Feeling aya, ki ee photu ka vhelu sirf ek kisam ka kagaz par he,dusra kaagaz par e photu ka vhelu zero bata lul”. Unknowingly he said the truth. This is the reality today. We all talk about ideology of fundamentals but there is other side where people think about basic needs at the personnel level. In such a time of selfish people such, a beautiful piece came out. With well insights and good arguments. Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of nation, his photo is printed on every currency note but still there are so many people in the country who hate Gandhi, who believe Godse was right. There are so many people who are confused about who was right and who is guilty. They are in doubt, whether to believe in Gandhi or not. There are lots of attributes of Gandhi Ji should be followed but because of some rumors some people feel proud in finding mistake of the great leader, and some feel embarrassing in following him but No one knows the ultimate truth. The actual reason of this situation is the method by which this rumors, whether true or not, are spread are not credible. The sources are not credible enough so some are convinced; some strongly opposed and maximum people remain confused. As a net result, the youth, which has been exposed to Gandhi-worshiping their entire adolescence, discover his "new dimension" and switch to passionately hating him, or not following this ideology anymore. They start feeling sympathetic about Godse and find new self-made rumors about Gandhi to satisfy their own belief.

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