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Gandhi is not the name but an era for India and the world. When world was fighting world wars and was trying to capture or concur the countries this man alone was fighting to get freedom without any weapons or violence........ This was the unthinkable act from Gandhi and only a person having strong convictions can lead this movement. This indicates how strong he was having his self belief. History says that he has taken extreme steps to make it happen what he was believing including congress election or agreement on partition of the country or a clash with Netaji Subhshchandra bose…… On the other hand the parallel ideology was in existence just opposite to the Gandhiyan philosophy who believes that “Laton ke bhut baton se Nahi Mante “ and they must be treated with fitting reply with violence…….. This ideology might have developed in people’s mind due to years of suffering and pain. At some given point of time this will come out with anger, super power, or an act like killing of a national leaders….. This was not the only case we had witness last be even in Indian politics we have seen killing of Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi later on. There are always extremist exist in society and they act at a time but truth will last longer. Today we read that Gandhi was killed but thousands of Gandhi is born but a few Nathuram can be found. Gandhi … Gandhi philosophy can not be killed and world will remember Gandhi not the Nathuram…

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