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“If Gandhi did not die of bullets, what would he have done with Nathuram Godse”? This is a completely new perspective to read. We have read and heard enough about the reasons why Godse killed Gandhi or what bad did Gandhi do to deserve this. But to imagine for once the possible actions of the Mahatma towards Nathuram Godse, brings a completely new perspective to the concept of forgiveness and non-violence. Was Gandhi perhaps an extremist of non-violence? Though it is said that Gandhi’s stick of non-violence won us our independence from the British, we need assess the relevance of such a stick in today’s times. Can we truly imagine any country in today’s times wielding such a stick only? Is the policy of non-violence and the other cheek forward a pragmatic approach to resolving disputes in today’s society? Maybe not. If India for instance were to adopt a Gandhian philosophy in practice, countries hostile to India would lap up the first available opportunities to advance their military agenda again India. Hence, in today’s times, the right approach is to hold a non-violent stick in hand, but carry a weapon of defence in your back pocket. Having said that, one should not defend the rise of fundamentalism across India and the world. It should be understood that if we as a country have progress this far after independence, it has been due to the moderate character of our society. Any attempt to change that moderate character into a fundamentalist one will only work negatively towards the future growth prospects of our country. We should continue to be the tolerant reservoir of all faiths and beliefs exhibited in a single land. It is the only way to show to the world that this type of society can exist in reality.

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