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One of core essence of Vedic civilization had been ‘Shastrartha’-an arrangement where people use to debate about their interpretation of the scriptures, and the one who lost the argument had to respectfully accept the other party’s point of view. Killing Gandhi points out to hypocrisy in application of those Vedic values. I personally did not agree with a lot of Gandhi’s ideologies; however I am open enough to understand his point of view and non violence is among one of those beliefs. But when you start believing that only your belief system is correct and everything else is wrong you lose the sense of differentiating between right and wrong, and Nathuram did the same. In current times also the things have not changed much, with the advent of social media and cheap internet we have entered into an era where the right to speech of democracy in not only misused it is abused to its fullest. If a person makes a point of view and if it is against the popular belief, that person would be abused with racial slurs and would be ridiculed to the maximum possible extent by the so called ‘arm chair judges’ of social media, and the main stream media makes the situation worse by adding fuel to fire. Instead of using logic and judgment in analyzing the situation people have started taking sides based on the popular opinion, and this is very dangerous for any democracy. This not only creates a feeling of hatred among people but also makes them vulnerable to be exploited by the opportunist politicians. The only solution to make the situation better is providing right education to children right from the elementary level, making them question the set rules and then helping them develop the right values which in turn shapes the right future of our nation.

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