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I agree with the viewpoint that fundamentalism leads to intolerance and that in turn leads to violence. However, according to me fundamentalism is just an effect of another larger issue which has plagued the society. Every human being wants his voice to be heard and his opinion to be valued. People were never born fundamentalists; perhaps it is the systematic long term oppression of their thoughts, feelings, opinions and their right to self-determination that makes them fundamentalist in nature. The people pelting stones in the streets of Srinagar and fighters blowing bombs in the Jungles of Jharkhand are prime examples of people who after years of ignorance want their voices to be heard and their presence to be felt, they want their right to self-determination, come or not they are ready to fight and shed blood for it. Therefore it is important for a society to understand that fundamentalism is not the devil’s advocate, it is the systematic ‘ignorance’ of the divergent opinion over and above the mainstream school of thought that leads to fundamentalism and violence. I think the assassination of Gandhi was an extreme manifestation of fundamentalism and violence due to ‘Ignorance’ of a divergent opinion standing in a pool of mainstream thought for his hand to be counted. Governments around the world should focus on creating a platform where every individual voice is heard and valued, and where decisions are made through mutual reconciliation. Only then we would be able to stem the tide of fundamentalism spreading round the world. Let us resolve to lend more ears to the voices that we hear, let’s value the guy with a different opinion who is waiting for his hand to be counted.

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