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Great article in evaluating the reasons that makes a person to commit wrongdoings of highest order. Few reasons which are mentioned in the article are as follows: (1) Difference in ideology (2) Ideology of fundamentalism (3) Self-centeredness (4) Intolerance (5) Attachment to our ideas and aversion to any other idea (6) Anger The reason of killing Gandhi Ji could be anyone of them or all, but one thing is sure the outcome of that event was great loss to country. Gandhi ji was not a person, he was an ideology. We didn’t stop there, we kept on killing many Gandhi ji on daily basis and we don’t even realize it because of that what losses we are occurring as society, as a nation and as a world, we don’t have faintest estimate of that. In business school, mention of corporate is as important as it should be. The question here is, are we guilty of killing Gandhi ji in corporate or not? In corporate, good people either leave or find it difficult to work or choose some other professions because of the above-mentioned reasons. And irony is that those killings are unnoticeable, nobody is held accountable. The implication of which, corporate don’t have any idea how much they loosing. The question is here what has made this tradition of kept on going. Was the ideology flawed itself? Or our values have diminished so much that we can’t see beyond our self-interest? When the tradition of killing of Gandhi will stop?

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