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Gandhi was a human and not a saint. And like all other people, he had his fair share of flaws. Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi was the most famous leader of all time. For various reasons, people may have pointed at him for the things that went wrong. There have been certain instances in the history which might refer to the injustice caused to certain element of Indian society of pre-independence era. However, all that is trumped by his biggest achievement - he is responsible for India as a nation that we know it today. Without Mahatma Gandhi, India would have fallen apart after being granted freedom. He envisioned a tolerant nation which respects every individual. In the hindsight, there have been deviations in our society which do not adhere to what Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed off. However, his principles about 'Ahimsa' are universal which cannot be confined in the space of time. Today, India’s recognition in the sphere of philosophy is led by the examples of non violence set in the history. The UN peace keeping notion began after witnessing the Indian freedom fight based on non violence. Many great leaders failed to attend the place in the hearts of their enemy but Mahatma Gandhi could. Thus, let's not repeat the history of intolerant India; let's be a proud citizen of tolerant India. They say “When writers die they become books, but when leaders like Mahatma Gandhi die, they become philosophy”

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