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Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “A man will fight harder for his interest, than for his rights”. Godse did what he perceived was paramount to protect the nation, not from any external forces but from the weakness that could arise from within. There existed a weakness of lack of practical perspective, given the political conditions in pre-independence Hindustan. History is testimony to the fact that those who worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi in non-violence movement during freedom struggle were involved in orchestrating the two wars that happened on Indian borders in 1962 & 1965. It does not mean that the Gandhian ideology got diluted soon after independence. However, their decisions were guided by time and circumstances. Gandhian philosophy undoubtedly stands for alignment with law of nature but I beg to differ these can be limited with respect to time and space. In exceptional conditions, even Maryada Purshottam killed Ravana. Gandhi ji was a charismatic leader, the country needed after the aggressive revolts by freedom fighters since 1857. He was the face of all peace loving Indians, who were torn by the injustice levied upon them and wanted to retaliate but in their own peaceful ways. If leaders like Azad, Bhagat Singh etc. were Yin, than Gandhi, Nehru etc. were Yang. The philosophies behind both these kinds of leadership in India’s freedom struggle though were opposite but still complementary to each other in achieving freedom for the country. Even Godse and his companions were a part of Gandhi ji’s non violence movements. But, after the country became free, they saw the entire nation moving in single path of ahimsa, which in my opinion at that time was alarming enough (given the consequences of partition). Was it the really intolerance due to fundamentalism, or it was intolerance due to injustice that guided Nathuram Godse to kill Gandhi ji?

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