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Gandhi was not only a human he was a thought, he is an ideology which is still alive, as said by Lord Krishna “The soul is unborn, eternal, never takes birth, and never dies. The soul is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.” It is not person who killed Gandhi, it is belief and over belief that killed Gandhi, in today’s world wherever an innocent human gets killed we kill Gandhi, every person who wants to live life peacefully and want to follow footsteps of Bapu is a reflection of Gandhi but in today’s world when everyone is restless and does not have true sense of direction it become very easy to misguide people, today there are many Nathuram Godse are roaming freely and killing Babu by misguiding people on the name of Cast, Creed and religion. There is great need of understanding what all region teach us and want us to follow, no religion tells that killing is right. Negative thoughts or hate should be dealt with utmost care and wisdom, it become important and critical to know and chose leader.

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