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Young India wants opportunity to grow in transparent working environment, if there is appreciation on near to real time basis. In developing India no one has time to wait & watch for growth. So, gen next believe in fast results. This may be the region of the paradigm shift in family owned businesses. Young generation of India believe in professionalism that is the same reflection coming out of the society. Currently 70% start-ups are owned by individual youngsters. One more point is coming out very prominently that decision making is very fast by Next Gen professionals. End of the day family owned business revolve around the family only. They always try to be professional for outer world but it reflects always at higher value for family first. Senior management or leadership team always witnessed these kinds of behaviour in India owned family businesses. May be in current scenarios they are selecting or training to create better choice within the family members for business head positions whereas lot more option available around them which will give more stability & growth for future. I find somewhere emotions are not controlled by Indians to take extreme steps. Most of the family owned Indian businesses are not revived due to lack of right choice of leadership. Most of the India population believe in transferring the legacy to their own next generation. We need to start believing on one life one dream instead of multiple life multiple dreams to break the barrier of emotions. It may help current generation to grow more in all direction not limited to individual or family only.

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