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Thank you for your patience to read the blog and the time taken to comment. Thank you for the compliments. The Industry 4.0, which has already been kicked off in Germany and other places is unfolding new vistas in value creation. For example, the Mercedes Benz line is producing cards with minimal to low manual participation in the shop floor activities. Ditto for the BMW line as well. IOT is now being used in many industries, although the building atmosphere control instruments supplied by Tata Honeywell, Danfoss and other companies have been in use for at least twenty years, if not more. Current usages include SCADA controls in most manufacturing units, traffic signals, car and TV remotes etc. Length of value chains will also be altered. If, for example, companies are able to successfully switch over their current operations to the 4.0 mode, then the cost savings and efficiencies may tempt them to move upstream, thereby reversing the clock of vertical integration, and throwing the 'outsourcing' business into a spin. Just imagine, the software developments currently done by learned men and women operating out of offshore sites, is to be replaced by AI and other advancements, a huge turmoil will result. We are in for exciting times, I am glad I am over 60. All the best.

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