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Insightful yet simplistic write-up Sir! The journey of the value chain from the barter system to today's robust, multimodal and segmented value chain is unfolded profoundly. The analogy of 'chatur loka' and 'Pannch loka' is refreshing and makes the blog interesting! With the advancements in technology and transportation, value chains grew longer and longer and today they reach the handset of the consumer. With the increased capacity of the production, increase in speed of production with automation, connectivity, consumer-centric markets, and changing consumer mindset, the newer versions of the value chain are coming in. As sir says the value generation has become the pre-requisite for manufacturing. Today, you sit on the couch and order a phone on the site, and relax. Meanwhile, ts chips are manufactured in silicon valley, body in Koria, assembly in China and are delivered in India to your doorstep. digitization has bridged the gap between the customer and manufacturer and has developed a web of short interconnecting value chains. But the overall length of the value chain is increased and will keep increasing substantially. The role of management in this highly volatile manufacturing value chain is becoming more and more dynamic, and crucial with the increase in complexity of the chain. With the artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0, the challenges in front of the management are going to be more complex. An interesting path yet to be witnessed. Time will come when a supervisor will sit merrily on a couch sipping tea and watch machines dynamically scheduling and planning a production line, finding faults in them and planning a suitable maintenance schedule minimizing job lateness, learning from previous situations and implementing and striving to add value in manufacturing. Cheers to the future! Be ready to experience the fourth industrial revolution.

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