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The blog is a culmination of author’s insights on changing world of manufacturing with a focus on its value chain. The author has discussed various aspects of manufacturing as value chain before and after industrial revolution. Expansion of value chain is well explained using an example of agriculture and the barter system. The concepts of Universal Currency, Punch loka, Chatur loka, Management make the reading interesting. I think, the protagonist word “manufacturing” is used as a broader term here and should not be confused with “Operations” which is one of the five stages of value chain of a company. After industrial revolution manufacturing capabilities increased which changed demand in terms of quality and quantity. Growing demands further pushed manufacturing value chain limits and in turn it pushed demands further. There is a circle of response between Manufacturing and the Market. This circle keeps on rolling all the time. With the expansion of manufacturing capabilities the value chains became longer. The longer value chains were not easy to handle or govern. Hence the shorter links were formed which are specialised forms of manufacturing industry as we see them today. The specialisation has helped cutting the longer value chains. The specialised value chain links are again becoming shorter and shorter due to advancement in technology. Though the value chain links are getting shorter, the total length of value chain is increasing day by day to manufacture a meaningful product for end customer. Automobile manufacturing can be taken as an example here. Manufacturing process requirements have become very stringent which necessitated specialised goods and services. Even in recent past of ten years such products or services were not required for automobile manufacturing. The specialised processes have made value chain links shorter but overall length of the value chain for automobile manufacturing has been increased drastically. The role of management is also dynamic in this continuously changing complex manufacturing scenario. The ultimate goal of a management is to improve efficiency at all value streams in a value chain in order to remain competitive and at the same time satisfy the needs of customer though delivery of products/services. Manufacturing sector is developing dependencies on computer / IT network. The challenges around the management are changing day by day as concepts like industry 4.0 and internet of things are becoming reality. The world is coming closer and closer every passing day. Recourses from far corners of the globe take part in providing services/producing certain goods today. The manufacturing world is becoming more and more happening and exciting place to be in. We are fortunate to serve the industry in this period of transition. Thank you.

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