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Amazing write – up Sir! The whole concept of Value chain is explained in a very simple and complete manner. First of all, the concept of Indian agriculture being a type of value chain is in itself an eye opener. The article says very well how the value chains were short in agriculture in olden days. You have very beautifully narrated the different phases of length of value chains, how it extended its arms starting from Industrial revolution, vendors to larger factories and then broken pieces of value chains clustered in terms of production & dispatch of services. The blend of concepts such as ‘Universal Currency’ and ‘Global companies’, ‘Pancha Loka’ and manufacturing; and ‘Chatur Loka’ and ‘Management’ was wonderful. Manufacturing, as mentioned, was one of the earliest forms of value chains. The idea of value chain is based on the way we see the whole organisation or the manufacturing process. The operations / manufacturing is one of the primary activities in Porter’s Value chain. I believe that the industrialization and its merger with digitization is bringing newer and newer versions of value chains. With every passing day, we can realize that the whole world is drifting towards oneness. In earlier days, customers used to be happy when they were given new product ready to be used carved from raw materials. But now the situation is completely different. The addition of value is not enough and customers want some meaning added to it. With ‘meaning’, I mean that apart from meeting the basic criteria, the products should be a multi – purpose satisfier. For an instance, there was a time when ATM was used to withdraw cash by inserting card, but now we have an option added to it which is card less cash withdrawal. There was a time when CNC with only single spindle was available but now we have not only automated single spindle but also automated multiple spindle CNC machines. I think that Value chain is stretching its arms into each and every sphere of available industries so that there are more and more values added to the product / service and are available to the end consumer for their better life. Lastly, I once again thank you Sir from core of my heart for providing insights about the increasing length of Value Chain in Manufacturing and helping us to delve into futuristic world. I am inspired and excited for the coming future and equally ready for a change which may be for the betterment of human race. THANK YOU!!!

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