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Very Aptly Explained the Fundamentals of Value Chain. One really needs to ponder thought over to understand the complexity involved in the Agriculture Value Chain and draw comparison/leverage with the manufacturing sector. A business scenario can be simply identified as constant value addition – direct or indirect in each step of its activities. Indirect value addition’s sole purpose is to ensure that direct value addition can happen on a continuous basis. Highly fluctuating, competitive market with constantly demanding customers has lead to a realization that only value addition itself is grossly insufficient and there is a need to constantly change the process of value addition in a way that has never been done before and ultimately obtain results like never before. No longer can we afford strategy as simply positioning a fixed set of activities along a value chain. More than just adding value, we need to recreate it. Focus of strategic analysis should cross the boundaries of company and the industry even, encompassing the entire value adding system, within which different economic actors—suppliers, business partners, employees, and customers work together to co-produce value. The specific roles and relationships need to be reinvented so that new values can be created by new participants. All this with a strong base to maintain close fit between the two major resources – competencies and customer. Mantra of Growth - Strategic Innovation + Operational Excellence by Maximizing Productivity

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