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Dear Sir, I very much agree to the point you have creatively expressed in this article. There have been supply chains as long as there have been suppliers and customers. However, off late, with the advancement in communication & technology and the ways in which the information is captured at each moment, the world has indeed become flat, as rightly said by author Thomas Freidman. This transformation has not only revolutionized supply chains but also enabled sectors such as e-commerce to maintain a competitive advantage with very thin or sometimes no margin. As our very own Dr Sesha Iyer Sir defines it “ Supply chains start from earth and goes back to earth”, however, the scope, scale and speed of these processes have all gathered revolutionary momentum due to which businesses around the world hasten to catch up or, in the case of leaders such as Amazon, Walmart & Zara, to stay ahead. This level of connectedness is impacting supply chains and more so lately businesses, which is why it’s evolving into a more strategic role. E-commerce thrives on the fact that unless and until it capitalizes on all the four areas, mentioned by you, which are: i) Scale/Volume ii) Speed iii) Storage iv) Perception change, the actions taken by them won’t be able to influence the success of rest of the network. Also, the convenience of Returns/exchanges, offered by most of the e-commerce companies, has seen the light of day only because of the never ending transformations in Reverse Logistics. Such services make E- commerce steal the show from wholesalers and it no way suggests that the ultimate level of service has reached the threshold. May be this is the beginning. With the advent of IoT, AI, Block chain and many more, the day is not far when e- commerce, as a business, will be leveraged to another level altogether.

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