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Dear Jayaraman Sir, Greetings!!! Thank you very much for wonderful and articulate take on the evolution of Manufacturing Industry. The blog gives detailed insight of the History of Manufacturing through various stages right from the age of artisans to the age of Artificial Intelligence. Industrial revolutions at various stages of evolution, has helped human beings to achieve more value from the resources. I am glad your article captures this revolution stage in very elaborate manner. Manufacturing coming to center piece of value chain was highlight of the twentieth century. Over the last few decades India’s growth performance was driven by Service industry outshining traditional Agriculture and Manufacturing. Hence, I feel, in order to fuel India’s developmental needs further, Manufacturing sector needs to contribute more, similar to China’s. The article reiterates this thought for being relevant on the ladders of development in comparison with other sectors.. Your take on change in role of workman from Individual craftsman to more organised, collective, mass manufacturer is really true. Current manufacturing world is thoroughly analysed by examples of Internet of Things, 3-D printers in the article. The One to One interaction is reduced in this socially networked world. The technology has enabled seamless world today where for any activity or decision, where person doesn’t require physical presence. I couldn’t agree more on your take on need of acquiring newer skills like 3-D printing, Automation, Data Analytics etc, as these are the future Value enablers in Manufacturing industry. However, I must agree that Reduction of effort has not always took away the jobs as is concerned in the article. It is evident from past revolutions happened, where more efficiency resulted in increased development and hence increase in job opportunities with changed skill sets though. The article has rightly overall importance of AI gadgets which will take part right from connecting to controlling the Manufacturing activities. It would have been really enriching to know your view on benefits of this change on Quality and Cost reduction which are the direct derivatives of the advent of technology. Overall really enlightening article. Looking forward to more articles from you. Best Regards.

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