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Respected Sir , Very well said after experiencing the Progress in Manufacturing and personal behaviour. While we do technological wonders, I strongly feel we should not lose our core value of Interdependency. The More the technology develops , the more we are getting divided. The same technology that gave us plastics had not helped us in recycling the same till we decided to ban them, Smart phones are eating our brain and not letting us to think . We all know that Toyota still believes more on their operators to do wonders than implementing new technology, while the rest of Auto giants still believe on Machines and Technology, While I used to play with my neighbors during my child hood , my children are playing in mobile. Finally the day will come where Machines will rule the world and make us work and by that time we would have forgot the words like Family, Teamwork & Interdependencies. While we progress on technology development we should ensure that these are for the wellness for human beings and not to divide us.

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