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Respected Sir, Greetings! To begin with, I would like to applaud you for sharing an enormous insight into the future, which we envisage in Manufacturing Industry. In your blog, you have precisely portrayed tools like IOT, Automation, Robotics & use of software’s like Whatsapp, Facebook in Manufacturing. All these will play a pivotal role of a chisel, which will carve out new sculpture, which I would like to name as new era of “SMART Manufacturing”. The industry, in last 15 years has seen a makeover. Technology, Innovations & Automation have brought renaissance in the industry. These aspects also diluted role of labour cost & human skills in the business. As the years passed, computers became sophisticated & built more processing muscles. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has lead to inceptions of robots that could outperform humans in every task. 15 years back, no one could have thought of this revolution. My organisation L&T has always been a pioneer in evaluating, adapting & implementing the new technologies. Artificial Intelligence & Automations have been continually deployed across various business verticals of L&T. Therefore L&T’s products also transformed in attributes such as precision, efficiency & Quality. Needless to say that rejection percentage & process lead time has also improved drastically. I would like to narrate one example from L&T Quality department. Our product “Circuit Breaker” comprises of various press parts, moulded components, silver & copper alloys. One of the tedious tasks at L&T Quality department has always been manual inspection of these components for CTQ (Critical to Quality) dimensions. This operation is carried out by trained Quality operators. In earlier process, average lead time of inspection was 690 seconds per component. In 2015, SMART measurement instruments like “SMARTSCOPE & CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) were commissioned in Quality laboratory. These are sophisticated instruments having accuracy up to 2 microns. These machines run on dedicated software programme. These machines are similar to robots, which automatically align component & carry out inspection process. No manual intervention is required in the new process. After implementation of these robots, inspection time came down from 690 seconds to 220 seconds. Measurement result’s accuracy improved by 36% & dependency of manual operators has been completely eliminated. Hence it is a prime example of de-skilling & SMART Manufacturing. To summarize, I would articulate that footprint of the Manufacturing Industry seems to be nicely poised for a stupendous makeover in years to come. Best Regards, Shravan Suthar

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