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Sir, Thank you so much for shedding some light on the importance of feedback in our day-to-day life by taking several relevant examples. This piece of work has truly been a revelation for me. I agree with you that feedback system is important for one’s personal and professional growth. I would like to mention its importance not only for students but also for corporates at both personal and professional level. Feedback is helpful when we highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. Feedback is often mistaken as criticism. In fact, negative feedback is the best way of feedback as it helps to increase our performance. As students, we have to take feedback from the teachers and work on the areas of improvement, if any, for our own benefit. The learnings from the feedback sessions are valuable for us while taking right decisions. These days, teachers are also seeking constructive feedback from their students to change their teaching practices, if needed. This helps in building effective relationship with the students. As budding managers, we should be focusing not only on our own professional growth but also on the growth of our subordinates. Employees feel valued and appreciated when they are provided with constructive feedback. At the workplace, feedback from clients, and other stakeholders can be used to motivate people and build better working relationships. The continuous feedback helps us to approach the problem in the right way and ensures key deliverables are met and delivered in time. Also, it is our responsibility to share the feedback to the team members individually for their own development at the workplace. Continued feedback is important to the entire organization to remain aligned to goals, create strategies, develop products and services, and much more. Every time we speak to a person, we communicate feedback. In reality, it is impossible not to give feedback. In fact, lack of effective communication and feedback is also leading the breaks-down of personal relationships. So, it is always advisable to take and give feedback to solve any kind of issues. The more specific the feedback is easier it is for the people to interpret it. Also, it is not good to tell someone about something that you did not like after a long time. Giving the feedback after a long time will lose its credibility, as people might not remember the event or might have moved on. So, sooner the feedback better is its impact on an individual. Therefore, I believe, feedback is one of the best ways to influence people to do something differently and help them grow in life.

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