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Feedback as rightly quoted by Sir, provides an individual with opportunities to bring out the best in him. There has always been a misconception that feedback has two sides to it i.e. positive or negative but if you look at it from different perspective negative feedbacks can be constructive to bring out necessary changes. In this way, these feedbacks become more positive than negative as they are the ones which compels to make alterations. From the business perspective, the idea of feedbacks gives us a leverage of getting to know our target market in a better way. Before implementing any solution in the form of product, a firm always try to test its created value as to whether it is desirable enough or they still need to act to create a desirable value for the consumers. In service industry too, where your consumer is constantly evaluating your services, the scope of feedback is very broad and comprises mostly of abstract attributes which needs to be looked upon critically in order to do continuous improvement. In the modern world, most of the businesses have started realizing the importance of feedbacks in order to incorporate PDCA in their operations & strategies. In our everyday lives, we as consumers are allowed to give our feedbacks against a value we consume, which not only empower us as a consumer but also gives an opportunity to express our desires & expectations from the value itself. Earlier we are more familiar with the concept of teachers giving their valuable feedbacks to students in order to improve but with the changing mindset, teachers are also inclined towards improvement and seek honest & constructive feedbacks from their students in order to get firm or bring about a change in their pedagogy. This surely can get the best out of a teacher for the students and make learning much more effective where students & teachers both equally involved by the means of feedbacks.

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