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Thank you sir for writing robust understanding of feedback combining the past and present events to provide a holistic picture. I whole heartedly agree with you sir that feedback is the most necessary ingredient for one’s personal growth. Feedback provides a medium for student to show their appreciation towards a faculty or to raise their concern to the appropriate committee for any issues in teaching. It allows students to mould the teaching as per their necessity enabling them to acquire knowledge to the maximum extent. It enables students to become responsible for their studies and gives a sense to the student that their voices are being heard. On the other hand feedback allows teacher to reflect on their method of teaching. A person grows when they reflect back on their actions to make note of their strengths and weakness on which they can work upon to improve. Each student is unique and the teaching method which may have been a success in the past may not be appropriate for the current batch of students. It provides data for the teacher to work upon their skills and understand the issues in their teaching methods. It provides data to enabling faculty to put efforts in the right direction and helping students to reach their full potential. The feedback is also significant to the managing committee of program since it give them an indication of the changing needs of the student. This enables them to modify their curriculum or bring in replacement lecturers so as to not only to their bring value to their current student but also become enticing prospect to attract better candidates in future. Hence I believe feedback has a very important position in academics since it helps to change the entire education scenario of an institution and helps to improve each of the stakeholders.

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