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To me feedback is the response to any product or services. As you have rightly pointed out the enormous importance of feedback in educational institutions, I would like to point out a few obstacles in the feedback process. The most important and true from the beginning of civilization is the fear of the outcome of negative feedback. One typical example would be that from Gopal stories (The court jester in the cabinet of King Krishna Chandra of Bengal). The King asked Birbal how much he loves him; to which Birbal replies that he loves him like the salt in food. The king ordered beheading. How he saves himself is a different story and irrelevant here. In educational institutions of our country students are literary terrified of the teachers especially in colleges and universities. Mostly people are averse to negative feedback. But if you want to improve your teaching quality or the quality of the product negative feedback is far more effective. Positive feedback might result in complacency as may be the case that most are relying on “Option Buttons” or general rating score of 5 stars. If a car company relies on the feedback of a high percentage of 1 star & 2 star ratings the only option remains for that company is to discontinue the model while the actual reason may be a very simple problem like starting problem resulting out of a under-rated battery. The only way out is to open up to negative feedback and welcome criticism coupled with listening to the customer/student. That might involve reading a thousand mails but I think it is worth a try. That would actually give the seller/service provider/institution to remove the shortcomings which is synonymous to product improvement.

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